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What we do

Markup Slicing

We design dynamic, catchy, and goal-oriented websites with the aim of communicating function and purpose of each company in particular. With an unique presentation and client-exclusive design, we create not only a tool but a gate for new oppotunities. Our work with other Agencies can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, or social network services combined with cutting edge presentation of content.

Graphic Design

As a Studio working with Agencies by means of outsourcing, we have a creative team whose goal is to perform a collaborative work with those Agencies in order to convey a special message to the client’s target audience. In this category, you can find a number of works that focus on visual communication and presentation of accurate ideas and messages. To name some of them: Corporate Identity, logos and branding, websites, hotsites, advertisements, product packaging, and artwork.

Website design and development

An important part of our work with agencies is PSD to HTML. This can be done as part of the process of website development agencies outsource to us, or it can also be a totally independent project. For instance, we slice templates for Agencies that doesn’t have, among their staff, professionals in this area, or that are simply overwhelmed with project requirements. We can also design and mark up those designs and deliver a ready-to-coding product. The number of possibilities in this field is increasing and not much known. All you need to do is send a design in a PSD, CDR or AI format, and we will convert those designs to cross-browser compatible W3C Valid XHTML / CSS markup.

Action Script Programming

This is a service much required by agencies due to the wide range of possibilties this kind of coding offers. We have developed many high visual impact sites, as well as hotsites or marketing campaings with the purpose of launching a product to the market: drinks (sodas, alcoholic drinks, etc.) tv contest, products for women, and so on. We have also developed educational games or apps for kids; training programs for companies (using this same development tool), among others.

Php Programming

PHP is the fundamental technology with which our studio develops most of its projects. This open source language allows us to develop a variety of projects like dynamic websites, intranets, extranets, B2B portals, B2C portals, mashups, dynamic flash websites, and softwares for companies that runs both online and offline. Appart from that, it allows us to customize modules for CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Prestashop, etc.



“4RSolutions has a strong focus on the client and an exceptional ability to understand the needs and requirements of the clients. 4RSolutions creates solutions that have a lasting impact. Their design ideas reflect strong design experience and capabilities mixed with creative and fresh ideas. 4RSolutions is really solution-oriented. If there are issues, they resolve them quickly and to the fullest satisfaction of the client.”

Jürg Kronenberg

ureco2, Founder

“Day to day communications was excellent, and the programmers exceeded my expectations - truly adding value to this project with ideas for improvements and working with us to the very end to make sure the project was integrated into our website seemlessly. Will definitely partner with them again in the future!”

Jessica Ritter

Miss O Friend

“4r Solutions are one of the top agencies in the market. I was impressed with the efficiency given the short time frame for the project and felt very comfortable with customer service. I'll be back for more business, for sure! ”

Saad Mukhtar


I have worked with 4R on many projects and they continue to impress. Their designs are both unique and appealing. They continue to provide professional service while quickly adapting to a range of style and theme requirements. I look forward to continuing to work with 4R in the coming year!

Noah Marconi


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